Saturday, 22 November 2014

More Labour woes...

THE row over the running of the Scottish Labour leadership contest is now getting serious.

Pat Rafferty, the top Scottish official in Unite the Union - Labour's biggest donor - has written to UK party general secretary Iain McNicol about the ballot process.

A press release containing his letter has just been circulated. Here it is:

As you know, the trade unions and affiliated organisations will play a vital role in the election of the new leader and deputy for Scotland. So you can imagine my surprise when I looked at the candidate election booklet to find that my unions’ nomination, along with all the other trade unions had been omitted from the publicity material. This strikes me as a gross error of judgement.”

The letter goes on to say:

“To intentionally or otherwise exclude the nominations of the trades unions feels disrespectful to all trade union members in Scotland and the role they will play in rejuvenating the party here.”

In the Unite press statement, Rafferty also said:

“It’s extremely disappointing that as an integral part of the Labour Party our nominations have been excluded from the publicity material for the elections sent to all members. We are urgently seeking clarification from the Labour Party to find out why this has happened and if needs be will join other unions and affiliated organisations in making a formal complaint."

"Unless the party deals with this situation urgently then they will stand accused of trying to skew this election for their favoured candidates.”